UPF’s Austria Initiative ‘Culture for peace’ was launched on 04th July 2019 in the IAPD office of UPF Europe, which is connected to Peace Museum Vienna. An introduction to the objectives of the initiative were presented by Mr. Peter Haider, UPF Austria President and Dr. Sofija Bajrektarevic, Program Director of ‘Culture for Peace’. Ms. Anela Cindrak and her sister Dzejla took the audience on brief musical journeys. A cozy buffet and animated talks among the guests concluded the evening.

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"Culture for Peace" is a comprehensive UPF Initiative that wishes to create a dynamic platform of a global reach by enabling talented and engaged individuals (as well as institutions and associations) from various fields of culture (science, arts, sports…) to support peace organisations, as well as to create prospects for establishing and maintaining peace among and within societies. The basic tools of the Initiative's activities relate to the design, implementation and realization of projects from different fields of culture, the organisation and support of individual cultural events, the presentation and promotion of artists, scientists and cultural workers, as well as the presentation and promotion of their (peace-related) works and activities. The interaction of (applied) sciences and arts within the broader environment is a focal content of the activity and the leitmotiv in their implementation.

The basic prerequisite and precondition for the creation, existence and maintenance of societies and organisations oriented towards the advanced peaceful future is the existence (or establishment) of social values ​​in which it primarily and intensively develops, supports and perceives a culture based on the initiation, creation, development and exchange of human ideas, knowledge and talents. The establishment and enhancement of a peaceful society embedded in the environmental harmony is the only possible way forward, towards a sustainable future.

Dr. Sofija Bajrektarevic, Program Director of ‘Culture for Peace’

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