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Dialogue between Europe, Russia and Eurasian countries

Forums on Eurasia-Europe Cooperation for a Culture of Peace and Human Development

France: Eurasia and Europe: Cooperating for a Culture of Peace and Human Development, December, 2013

Estonia: Steps Toward Eurasian-European Cooperation, December 2013

Latvia: Peace and Security Forum on the Baltics and Russia, September 2013

Austria: Europe and Russia: Partners in a Globalized World, October 2012

Estonia: Peacebuilding in Multicultural Societies, June 2012

Russia: Peace and Security in the Multicultural Societies of Eurasia and Europe, April 2012

Russia: East-West Dialogue: 20 Years after the Fall of the Iron Curtain, April. 2011

Estonia: Building Bridges between Estonia and Russia, July 2011


Sports Bring together Europeans and Eurasians

Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: Super-Marathon Runners to Link Baltic Nations, September 2014

Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Czech Republic, France: Marathon Runners Bring a Banner of Friendship from Moscow to Paris, August 2013

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus: Parnu Summer Cup Celebrates 10th Year of Football for Peace, July 2012

Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia: Estonia Hosts Football for Peace Tournament, July 2011

Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia: Youth Play Football for Peace in Estonia, July 2010


Cultural Exchanges Bring together Europeans and Eurasians

Russia, Finland, Sweden, Estonia: "Light of the Christmas Star" Festival Brings Musicians Together, December 2013

Russia, Poland: Russians Visit Poland to Promote Reconciliation Between the Two Nations, September 2013

England, France, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, Russia, Estonia: Estonia Hosts a Religious Youth Service Project, August 2013
Russia, Finland, Sweden, Estonia: "Light of the Christmas Star" Festival Kindles Baltic Dialogue, December 2012

Austria, Czech Republic, England, Spain, Italy, Russia, Belarus, Estonia: Religious Youth Service Project Renovates Sites in Estonia, August 2012

Russia, Finland, Sweden: The “Light of the Christmas Star” Festival Promotes Baltic Dialogue, December 2011

Austria: Austria-Russia Music Evening in Vienna, November 2011

Russia, Finland, Sweden: "Light of the Christmas Star" Shines in Helsinki and Stockholm, December 2010

Austria: Russia-Austria Concert in Vienna, November 2010

Russia, Finland, Sweden: "Light of the Christmas Star" Intercultural Festival Launched, December 2009

Europe and Russia – Partners in a Globalized World   UPF Eurasia report
250 participants gathered on October 12th 2012 in the Vienna Int. Centre, the UN building in Vienna, for a conference which is part of a series of events held at the UN in Geneva, UNESCO in Paris, National Parliaments in the UK and Norway and in the Presidential Palace in Malta.

How Europe Can Contribute to Peace, Security, and Good Development, by Dr. Werner Fasslabend, Minister of Defense, Austria (1990-2000)

Europe and Russia: Partners in a Globalized World, by H.E. Sergei Nechaev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Austria

There Is No European Dream Without Russia, by Dr. Walter Schwimmer, Former Secretary General, Council of Europe

How the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia Promotes Peaceful Relations, by Prof. Sergei Kuchinsky, Chair of the Executive Committee, Assembly of the Peoples of Russia

Moscow’s House of Nationalities as a Ground for International Cooperation, by Dr. Nikolai Komarov, Director of the Moscow House of Nationalities, Russia

Peace and Security in Multicultural Societies: Russia and Europe, by Dr. Willem F. van Eekelen, Former Minister of Defense, Netherlands

The Challenges of Multiculturalism in Europe and Russia
Scholars, political leaders and peace activists from Europe, Russia and other Eurasian nations share insights and experiences in a setting of mutual respect.

Conference in Paris promotes Europe-Eurasia Cooperation
Paris, France - In partnership with the Permanent Mission of Tajikistan to the European Union and several NGOs, a conference on the theme of “Eurasia and Europe: Cooperating for a Culture of Peace and Human Development” took place in Paris December 3-4, 2013.

Baltic Dialogue Initiative




The three Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania consider their history under the Soviet Union between World War II and 1991 as a time of occupation. Yet their common history with Russia goes back centuries, and their economic future is inevitably linked with their powerful neighbor to the East. With important Russian-speaking communities in their midst, the Baltic nations are faced with the challenge of keeping their own identity while maintaining positive relations with their neighbors. At the same time, since they are integrated into the European Union, they can play a mediating role between Russia and Europe.

South Caucasus Peace Initiative




The situation in the South Caucasus, especially after the war between Russia and Georgia in 2008, threatens international security and causes suffering. UPF's South Caucasus Peace Initiative addresses three types of regional challenges:

·                   ideological, reflected in the Georgia/Russia struggle which is, in a way, about different concepts of democracy

·                   interreligious, reflected in relations between Muslim Azerbaijan and neighboring Christian Armenia

·                   humanitarian, reflected in the widespread social problems created by years of conflict

For more background, click here. Read about programs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia; see also UPF-Russia's grassroots initiative: "Urals - Georgia: We'll Be Friends."