Trinidad and Tobago visits the Universal Peace Federation

(UPF-Vienna, November 5th, 2010)


All the room was nicely decorated with balloons in the national colors of Trinidad and Tobago: red, black and white. Mrs. Zena Eggough, Vice President of the “Universal Peace Federation” in Austria and an Ambassador for Peace, was welcomed as a special guest and introduced the country of her origin to an audience of 70 people, guests and members of the Universal Peace Federation in Vienna. Everybody rose when the National Anthem was played, followed by the reading out of the beautiful lyrics of the anthem.




Then Mrs. Eggough showed several short movies which gave a vivid impression about the people, their history, the industry and the cultural life of Trinidad and Tobago as for example shown by the Police Band.




Finally an energetic Caribbean lady presented Caribbean dances and inspired the audience to join in. For almost half an hour first people were invited to dance on stage until finally all the hall was a dance floor. At the buffet prepared nicely by Zena we could taste Caribbean chicken, rice, salads and fruits. Guests kept coming, even after the official program had been finished, just to dance and enjoy the evening.


The evening program gave us a taste of the warm and charming culture of Trinidad and Tobago!

 (Mag. Elisabeth Cook & Peter Haider)