International Day of Peace - Day of Solidarity with Somalian people in Vienna


People of Horn of Africa Countries (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Jebuti, Somalia, and Sudan) celebrated the International Day of Peace by showing their solidarity to the people of Somalia last Friday, September 22nd 2006 in Vienna in the center of the Federation for World Peace. Among the participants was Ambassador Dr. Georg Lennkh from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Otmar Höll, director of OIIP – Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Ing. Erwin Feitzinger, president of  GEM - Global Environmental Management group, Ambassador for Peace Abdel Moneim Tawfik, president of the Austrian-Egyptian association as well as Mr. Ogunlola Raufu, president of the Nigerian Cultural Centre in Vienna and Mr. Peter Haider, president of the Federation for World Peace in Austria.



The program included speeches by Dr. Abdel Illah Osman from Somalia, Mag. Santhelyo from Ethiopia, Mag. Seyom from Eritrea and Dipl. Ing. Abdalla Sharief from Sudan. The program was moderated by H.E. Hamdan Abdelgadir, councilor of the Eritrean Embassy in Berlin and director of HORNA (Horn of Africa News Agency). Representatives of the Austrian Women’s Federation were also participating in the program. An honorary guest was Christina Marek, a member of the Austrian parliament.


Dipl. Ing. Abdalla Sharief, Ambassador for Peace