The Universal Peace Federation Austria in cooperation with the Association of Bosnian Academics in Austria and the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) organized on June 16th 2017 a lecture on the topic


Sarajevo, the Jerusalem of Europe - The Bosnian experience of Islam – Building bridges between the Orient and Europe


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Welcome: Peter Haider, President UPF Austria

Siradj Duhan, President “Gesellschaft Bosnischer Akademiker in Österreich”

Introduction: Prof. Anis Bajrektarevic, head of IFIMES Vienna


Speaker: Univ. Prof. Mirnes ef. Kovac


Professor of the Islamic Theological University of Sarajevo, editor of PREPOROD (Official Journal of the Islamic Community of Bosnia). Graduate of the Islamic University of Sarajevo, and MA in International Relations for the Sussex University in the UK. He is theologian, journalist and political analyst from Sarajevo – author of hundreds of texts, essays and commentaries. Editor and author of several books. His latest book is "The Siege of Islam". He is a regular columnist and commentator on the Middle East and Balkan issues for prestigious media houses.


Bildergebnis für OneBookForPeace Bildergebnis für OneBookForPeace Bildergebnis für OneBookForPeace

'One Book For Peace' is an initiative by Interreligious Council in Bosnia & Herzegovina created with the help of renowned journalist Mirnes Kovac and two Theologians. It is an attempt to bring down prejudice and raise awareness of the importance of inter-religious dialogue.



Search for Balkan Consensus at Sarajevo Conference
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Consensus and cooperation in the Balkan region were the focus of a conference held on December 15, 2016. The conference, held at the Hotel Holiday, was organized by UPF in partnership with the International Institute for Middle East and Balkans Studies, and the Association for B&H-Asia Cooperation, Understanding and Sophistication.   


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