Soccer Balls for Peace

UPF-Austria: Vienna, June 20, 2006


Through the 2002 World Cup in Korea, we were able to feel the passion that people of the world have for soccer and its amazing potentiality to bring peace to the people on our globe. For this reason, the W-CARP KOREA has launched on a project called Soccer Balls for Peace. Through the 2006 World Cup in Germany, for the sake of bringing peace to Korea, the Unification of North and South Korea should be supported through the medium of soccer balls. Soccer ball were donated for this project and messages dedicated to Peace on the Korean peninsula were written onto these balls.

The Soccer Balls for Peace were handed over to a visiting delegation of World Carp Korea, among them the reigning Mister and Miss University, who sang “Arirang”, the most famous Korean folk song. The program included also a Korean drum dance, modern Korean dancing by a young Japanese and a young Korean, traditional Korean songs by an Austrian-Japanese couple, a performance by the Vienna Peace Choir and a Korean buffet. The owner of the shopping centre, Ing. Richard Lugner, was appointed as an „Ambassador for Peace“. He said, that he can be called now „Multi-Culture-Peace-Lugner“.



World-CARP Korea is delivering the Soccer Balls for Peace – 1000 as the goal – that are being gathered from Korea and Europe to North Korean representatives during the opening event of the first Women’s Peace Cup that will be held in Seoul in October 2006. Through the Chosun Student Committee the balls are going to be delivered through Panmoonjeom and they will be distributed to schools in North Korea.


WORLD-CARP Korea says „Thank you!” to the sponsors of more than 120 Peace balls:

Prime Minister Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel, the mayor of Vienna Dr. Michael Häupl, the social democrat party leader Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer, the minister for sports Mag. Karl Schweitzer, the association for Austrian-Northkorean relationship represented by president Mag. Adolf PILZ, Vienna district mayor of Ottakring Franz Prokop, the mayor of Gmunden Heinz Josef Köppl, the mayor of Weisskirchen LAbg. Rudolf Prinz, the mayor of Traun and of Thalheim bei Wels.



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