Inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation – 100 cities, 67 nations World Tour


New York: Lincoln Center address launches new Universal Peace Federation
Declaring the world to be at a pivotal "historic turning point," Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon asked an international peace gathering to consider, "Can everlasting world peace take root, or are we doomed to repeat the 20th century's dark and oppressive history of war and conflict?"






12 City USA Tour
 Los Angeles was the perfect conclusion of the 12 City North American tour. During the day just hours before the event, 160 elected officials, religious leaders, faith-based community leaders, business, media, sports, academia and many other professionals joined together to become the Ambassadors for Peace. They affirmed the core values of promoting inter-religious and interracial unity and cooperation, and "living for the sake of others".


15,000 guests to attend peace NGO launch – Coordinator (external link)
Sun Myung Moon calls for End to War, Launches New Peace Federation
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Switzerland: European Ambassadors for Peace commit to collective action
Co-sponsored by the Mission of Burundi to the United Nations in Geneva and the Independent Bureau for Humanitarian Issues, the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (the Federation) held a successful conference on Tuesday 1st November at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. The event was a regional follow-up to a civil society convention that paralleled the September 2005 World Summit in New York.

Media   Moon fills up hall at the Noga Hilton This is an unofficial translation of an article that appeared in French





Universal Peace Federation Arrives in London

Media   Rev Moon Speech Conveys Vision of World Peace to London Audience
Rev Sun Myung Moon spoke to an audience of 1,500 on Saturday about his vision for world peace. "Humankind should end the perverse cycle of sacrificing our children's lives and squandering astronomical sums of money to fight wars," he said "the time has come for the countries of the world to pool their resources and advance toward the world of peace desired by God."



The Slovak National Theatre welcomed the UPF Founders

Slovakia offered the best it had, the Slovak National Theatre, the most beautiful and historic building in Bratislava, for the inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation. The venue enjoys an international reputation and is the home of the famous opera singers Lucia Popp, Edita Gruberova, and Peter Dvorsky.
Since Bratislava and Vienna are only 60 km distant, the performances of the Slovak National Theatre regularly attract many Austrian guests every week, and more than 200 Austrian guests were very pleased to come to our event at such a famous venue.




3000 Attend Albania Event

Dr. and Mrs. Moon’s party arrived safely at Rinas airport in Tirana around 10:40 in the morning, and were welcomed by an illustrious group of Ambassadors For Peace, including IIFWP Secretary General Gani Rroshi, Mr. Gaqo Apostoli, Chairman of the National Peace Council, Mrs. Rubena Moisiu (Director of Maternity of Tirana), Mr. Nard Ndoka (Member of Parliament), Astrit Memia (Director of Information for Democratic Party) and Ambassador Vladimir Lame.




First Stop in Europe: Poland

Coming from the Baltics where the seasons were more advanced, Mother Moon commented on the beautiful sight of the colors of the autumn trees. At the hotel, the door was widely opened and the elevators were waiting to take the party up to the 20th floor, giving a view of Warsaw, a city completely reborn in the past 15 years.






50th City, Prague, The Czech Republic

Prague was the 50th stop on the world tour. The European IIFWP had organized well to prepare for each of the 13 cities Dr. and Mrs. Moon would visit on the continent. Volunteers from countries that Father and Mother Moon would not visit were assigned to support those nations in Europe that would host this tour.






Father Moon's Visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina


I am sitting at the window of the 5th Floor Presidential suite of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Sarajevo. Climbing up above the noise of the still war-scarred town are incredibly beautiful hillsides with their autumn tints, the minarets of the mosques and the slopes that hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics and the lethal snipers of the Bosnian Serb forces in the prolonged siege of Bosnian War.





Nigerian President Calls on Sun Myung Moon and Universal Peace Federation to Intercede on Behalf of Africa
Nigerian President Olusegun Obusanjo appealed to Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon for help on the problem of debt relief on the occasion of Moon's visit to Nigeria Monday. Moon is visiting 100 cities in 100 days as part of a world tour to launch the Universal Peace Federation.




Report of the Inauguration of the UPF in South Africa
700 people gathered at the Bill Gallagher Room of the Sandton Convention on November 12, 2005 to inaugurate the Universal Peace Federation in South Africa as well as Southern Africa.


 Inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation in Cameroon
About 1200 enthusiastic crowd jammed the main Hall of the Congress Hall in Yaoundé, Cameroon to listen to Rev. Dr. Pak No Hi inaugurate the Universal Peace Federation November 10. Dr. Pak and his wife Professor Dr. Moon Lan Young deputized for Dr. & Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, who were originally scheduled to lead the inaugural event.
Media  Thousands Vote For Universal Peace In Yaounde





UPF Offers Solidarity to People of Jordan following bombings
We arrived in Amman about 2:00 AM, direct from Istanbul, where we were welcomed by Ambassador For Peace General Mansour Mustafa Abu Rashid, Chairman of the Amman Center for Peace and Development, who expedited our entry.
Media   'Peace embassy' announced as Zarqawi threatens Jordan anew - Middle East Times




Philippine Speaker of the House Jose De Venecia Welcomes Tour Delegation
Dr. & Mrs. Moon arrived in Manila from Taipei. Philippine Speaker of the House Jose De Venecia headed up the welcoming committee. A police escort sped the party to the historic Manila Hotel, General MacArthur’s residence and headquarters during WW II. More than 3000 members and well-wishers lined the roadway leading to the hotel, waving flags and holding banners.

Media   Moon praises RP officials for interfaith initiative




Vice President Lu Hsiu Lien Welcomes Dr. Moon to Taiwan
The main event was held at the Dr. Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall and attracted a full house of 3,000 people. At each stop, the preparation and the results seem to get better and better. For example, the pre-program was packed with artistic entertainment, and included a string quartet, a choir and a dance group. Translation between Korean and Chinese was seamless and effective.

Media   Annette Lu rapt as Moonies icon preaches about peace


Prince Sirivudh Attends Cambodia Presentation
Dr. & Mrs. Moon arrived in Cambodia about 10 AM, met at the airport by Prince Sirivudh and Hon. Son Soubert, two Ambassadors for Peace who have attended several of our international peace conferences. As we approached the hotel, about 500 members and volunteers lined the entryway waving Cambodian flags.


Former President Abdurrahman Wahid Introduces the UPF in Indonesia
The flight from Colombo to Jakarta took four hours putting arrival, after setting watches ahead one hour, at about 2 PM. Mr. Alwi Shihab, one of the key leaders in the current government, and Dr. Chirzen, welcomed Dr. & Mrs. Moon.

Media   Make family, not war: Int'l peace campaigner


45 New Ambassadors for Peace Appointed in New Delhi Inauguration
Dr. and Mrs. Moon arrived in New Delhi after a two hour flight from Kathmandu. Dr. L.M. Singhvi, Hon. Edouardo Fillairo, Lama Lobsang, V.V. Augustine, and Ursula MacLackland welcomed them at the airport.


Inauguration in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a beautiful large island off the coast of India. Formerly called Ceylon, it was a British colony. It has been plagued by fighting between the largely Buddhist Sinhalese populations settled mostly in the West, and the Tamil, largely Hindu population in the East and many of who want an independence from the Sinhalese.

Media   Sri Lanka News Clips


Support initiatives to build a peaceful society: Dr. Moon
KATHMANDU, Nov. 22: Dr. Sun Myung Moon, 86, who is on a tour of 100 cities in 67 countries in a peace mission appealed to Nepalese at large to lend support to his ongoing efforts in establishing true families, true societies, true nation and a true world where peace reigned supreme.



Prime Minister Kemakeza Welcomes UPF to The Solomon Islands
The Hon. Allan Kemakeza, Prime Minister, was the guest of honor. He delivered a wonderful address generously acknowledging Father’s for peace both internationally and locally. He expressed great appreciation for the opportunities for Solomon Islands leaders to attend international conferences.


 Create a Union of the Oceania Nations
Dr. and Mrs. Moon arrived in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands after a four hour flight from Palau, and were welcomed at the airport by the Vice President Witten T. Philippo representing President Kessai Note, away with the First Lady on a state visit to Israel.


 Small Nation, Bold Steps - Palau
Dr. & Mrs. Moon arrived in Palau at noon on December 2. It was a beautiful day in a most beautiful place. The population of Palau is only approximately 20,000. Palau was dominated by Japan early in the 20th century, and in WW II, 11,000 Japanese (including many Koreans who had been conscripted into the Japanese army) were killed, as well as about 8,000 Americans.



Prime Minister and Governor of American Samoa Attend Speech

In going from Solomon Islands to Samoa we crossed the international date line and so began another day at December 4th, an interesting experience! Samoa is a central nation in Polynesia and the Pacific. It is a strongly strong Christian nation, with Christian missionaries arriving in the later 19th century, about the same time as Korea. Samoa has a key role in the Pacific Forum, and will host the Pacific Games in 2007.


”Moonies” leader visits Sydney to promote inter-faith peace

The evangelical leader of the Unification Church, Reverend Sun Myung Moon visited Sydney on Tuesday to launch the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in Australia. To some he is known as a charlatan and a cult identity; to others he is regarded as a powerful and noted peacemaker in the global sphere.



Latin America


Uruguay: Father and Mother Moon met with the president, Dr. Tabare Vazquez

The Peace Embassy in Uruguay is also one of the finest anywhere. It is a former Presidential Residence, located in the best neighborhood of the city where many other embassies are located. In fact, the building also once served as the Argentine Embassy and the grounds are a botanical garden. It is extremely beautiful and very well maintained.





Argentina: Event in the Paris of South America, Bouenos Aires

It was a beautiful day to arrive in a beautiful city, sometimes referred to as “the Paris of South America.” Though it is winter in Paris, France, it’s early summer in the Southern Hemisphere. The city is alive, and trees, flowers and people are all in bloom. The event took place in the Libertador Hall room at the Sheraton Hotel. With a packed and enthusiastic audience of more than 1200.






Sao Paulo: Enthusiastic crowd fills the Auditorium Anhembi to capacity at Brazil event

The main event was held at the city’s Rebouças Convention Center, about 40 minutes from the headquarters. The hall was filled to its 2,500 capacity with a most enthusiastic crowd who welcomed Father and Mother Moon with the kind of thunderous, rousing ovation normally reserved for when the Brazilian national soccer team score a goal.





Family Focus in Ecuador Visit

The foundation of the country is the family. Having brothers and sisters in a family is so important. Having older and younger, like north and south. All the laws of the universe are within the family. All the laws of love are in the family, and following the laws of love is the way to peace. Loving and respecting grandparents is like loving and respecting God. We learn to love God within the family, within the couple. We have different directions in the family; this means grandparents, husband and wife, children are all in different positions. Love comes from the person we love. We cannot experience love by ourselves.




Late Night in Lima

During the day Trevor Jones of Tiempos del Mundo Peru, Frank Grow, the Associate Publisher, and Dr. Thomas Walsh, Secretary General of the Universal Peace Federation paid a visit to the President and Vice President of the Peruvian Congress to introduce the Universal Peace Federation and the vision for Dr. Moon’s






Colombian Ambassadors for Peace asked to Work with World Leaders

Following a performance of traditional Colombian music, there was the World Peace Blessing and Marriage Re-dedication ceremony. Welcome remarks were delivered by Dr. Guillermo Reyes, a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and a leading Ambassador for Peace. A letter of welcome from President Alvaro Uribe Velez was also read out.





Former Prime Minister of Barbados Welcomes UPF

Introducing Father and Mother Moon to the people of Barbados, Sir Lloyd gave a beautiful welcome address, underscoring that Barbados needed to listen to Father Moon’s message with an open mind. “Many leaders in the past were misunderstood, and later recognized as true heroes to Barbados and the world,” he said. “Even though some misunderstand Father Moon now, but they will see the truth in the future.”