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AIDS, a "good disease"

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2005

In Uganda ist die Häufigkeit von HIV-Infektionen um 70 Prozent zurückgegangen:

 In the mid-1980s, Uganda and Tanzania shared the macabre distinction of being the two countries in the world with the most reported cases of AIDS. "An optimist in the midst of despair" characterizes Museveni's attitude toward the AIDS crisis. In a speech titled "AIDS: The Greatest Leadership Challenge," the Ugandan president described the deadly virus as a "good disease." Unlike other diseases that are airborne or transmitted through casual skin-to-skin contact, AIDS is good "because it is, largely, an infection of choice. It is a largely sexually transmitted disease and can, therefore, be avoided through proper sexual behavior." (© 2005 World & I: Innovative Approaches to Peace)


Man l(i)ebt nur einmal - Jugend, Sexualität und Medien im AIDS-Zeitalter

Uganda's Success in the fight against AIDS

"Uganda," according to a recent report from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), "has experienced the most significant decline in HIV prevalence of any country in the world." There have been several reports written about Uganda's astonishing success in reducing the HIV/AIDS prevalence rates. A range of publications proposed different reasons for this achievement. They all have something worthwhile to offer.