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Peace and Sustainable Development: Intergenerational Challenges
(Friday, September 16 2016, 10am-4pm, Vienna International Centre, Conference Room C3) The compelling combination of international speakers and panelists ranges from diplomats, academics, and civil society leaders to UN officials, and public-policy experts.    weiter...


Wir wünschen Ihnen einen erholsamen Sommer!

Zum Lesen: Friedensforschung in Österreich - Bilanz und Perspektiven

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Ursachen der Konflikte, Flüchtlingselend und Friedensperspektiven in Syrien und im Nahen Osten
Die Föderation für Weltfrieden lud am 16. August 2016 zu einem Informationsabend ein. Vortragende waren Thomas Schellen, Journalist, Editor-at-large für das Executive-Magazine und Hermine Schellen, Generalsekretärin der UPF im Libanon.   weiter...


Swiss "Peace Road" Honors Peace Cyclist
Geneva, Switzerland - The 2016 Peace Road urged the UN to open an office in Korea and honored the memory of a well-known peace bicyclist. Several separate groups of participants supported the 2016 event, which was organized jointly by the Swiss chapters of UPF and Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, an affiliated organization.   weiter...


UPF joins Interfaith Program at UN Church Center
New York, United States - A diverse group of leaders from spiritual and peace organizations shared speeches, traditions and music during the "Interfaith Celebration for World Peace and Harmony." The meeting was held on July 11, 2016 in the Tillman Chapel of the Church Center for the United Nations, directly across the street from the UN headquarters in New York.    weiter...


UPF im Wiener Rathaus als erfolgreicher Kongressveranstalter geehrt
UPF Austria wurde für die im Jahr 2015 veranstalteten bzw. mitveranstalteten Konferenzen wieder als erfolgreicher Kongressveranstalter geehrt. Peter Haider und Elisabeth Cook nahmen mit 350 weiteren Kongressveranstaltern am 11. Mai 2016 in den Festsaal des Wiener Rathauses an einem Festbankett teil.   weiter...


Essential role of mothers and fathers - UN-New York, Holy See/UPF
On June 1 the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the UN in New York co-sponsored by UPF hosted an event entitled "The Importance of Motherhood and Fatherhood" in observance of the Global Day of Parents, which the UN General Assembly initiated in 2012.   weiter...


Festival der Nationen: Miteinander leben - Miteinander feiern
Am 19. Juni 2016 fand im Heeresgeschichtlichen Museum zum siebenten Mal das Festival der Nationen statt - eine Reise um die ganze Welt mit Musik, Tanz, Spiel und Spaß. Auf der Bühne haben Kulturvereine, Chöre, Folkloregruppen sowie Kinder und Jugendliche aus verschiedensten Nationen getanzt, gesungen und musiziert.   weiter...


Sudan - das Land, wo Weißer und Blauer Nil zusammenfließen
Die Föderation für Weltfrieden (UPF-Austria) lud am 3. Juni 2016 im Rahmen des Projekts "Horn of Afrika"-Friedensinitiative zu einem Informationsabend über den Sudan und andere Länder am Horn von Afrika ein.   weiter...


Russian 'Angels' build Bridges of Peace in Italy
Turin, Italy - Using traditional songs and dances of Russia, a group of youthful performers touched the hearts of adults and children in northern Italy. The Angels of Peace, a group of Russian boys and girls between 10 and 15 years of age, visited the northwestern city of Turin and the surrounding Piedmont Region for a series of performances from April 26 to May 6, 2016.   weiter...


Global Peace Index 2016 - Global Rankings
The 2016 Global Peace Index media pack includes key media contacts, media releases, research highlights, infographics and key images for download and use by journalists and bloggers.   weiter...


Spiritualität und Familie - Basis für eine nachhaltige Zukunft
UPF-Austria veranstaltete von 28. - 29. Mai 2016 in der "Villa Riehl" in Seebenstein gemeinsam mit der Familienföderation für Weltfrieden und der österreichischen Frauenföderation zum Internationalen Tag der Familien ein 2-tägiges Symposium.   weiter...


Countering Corruption for Social Peace: Interstate and Intercultural Challenges
UN Crime Commission (CCPCJ) side event organized by the Universal Peace Federation and ACUNS: Wednesday, 25 May 2016 at 1.10 p.m. in the Vienna International Centre, M-Building, M6.   weiter...


Why World Peace is Possible - US Perspectives in the Year of Presidential Elections
(Friday, May 20th 2016 um 18:30, Seidengasse 28, 1070 Wien) Lecture evening with Paul K. Chappell is a West Point graduate, former army captain, Iraq war veteran, and now international speaker and Peace Leadership Director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. In cooperation with Peace Museum Vienna.    weiter...


Musikalische Frühlingsgrüße - von der Wolga an die Donau
Künstler aus Moskau gestalteten am 17. April 2016 einen musikalischen Nachmittag mit russischen Romanzen, Volksliedern und bekannten Opernmelodien.   weiter...


Bosnia in Ukraine - How to break the devil's leg
(eurozine.com) In Ukraine, I confirmed what I learned from the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Firstly, you have to talk to your enemy even in the middle of a war, secondly, that dialogue will not be at all easy or pleasant, and thirdly, it is worth trying, since when it does take place, it is almost certain to yield useful results.   weiter...


Brazilians Walk for Peace
On April 16, 2016, UPF-Brazil in partnership with the Palhoca City Hall held the 8th Walk for Peace in the Upper Aririu neighborhood of Palhoca. Approximately 800 people - Ambassadors for Peace, families, teachers, students, and local organizations participated in the walk.   weiter...


Eurasian Peace Council: Interethnic Cooperation and Interfaith Dialogue for Sustainable Development
Moscow, Russia - Prominent representatives of NGOs, science, and government attended the inaugural meeting of the UPF Eurasian Peace Council. The conference held on April 9, 2016, in Moscow at the historic National Hotel across the street from the Kremlin.   weiter...


Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Syria and the Middle East - The Role of Religions
Vienna, February 5th 2016 - In the Vienna International Center (United Nations), 250 guests attended the World Interfaith Harmony Week conference on the theme "Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Syria and the Middle East - The Role of Religions".    weiter...

Video 1. Session

Video 2. Session


Religion and the Sustainable Development Goals

Indonesia: A Model of Moderate Islam

The Role of Religious Studies in Peacemaking


International Women's Day observed in Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Eight distinguished Argentinian women were acknowledged for their accomplishments during a celebration of International Women's Day on March 10, 2016. The theme for this year's day was "Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality."   weiter...


World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - UPF-Malaysia commemorated UN World Interfaith Harmony Week by organizing a one-day pilgrimage to places of worship on February 27, 2016. The program began with welcoming remarks given by Tan Sri Dr. Devaki Krishnan, president of UPF-Malaysia, and an orientation at the Peace Embassy.   weiter...


International Leadership Conference Held in Korea
Seoul, Korea - An International Leadership Conference (ILC) convened from Feb. 12 to 16, 2016, in Seoul, Korea, to discuss the theme "Addressing the Critical Challenges of Our Time: The Role of Governments, Civil Society and Faith-Based Organizations". More than 340 international delegates from 60 nations, including 140 current parliamentarians and 13 government ministers attended the conference.   weiter...


Cultural Performance by the Little Angels and the Universal Ballet
Universal Arts Center - The Little Angels theatre in Seoul, February 15th 2016   weiter...


Consultations on the Crisis in Syria
Since 2012 the Universal Peace Federation has convened or contributed to a number of civil-society forums on the crisis in Syria.    weiter...


Middle East Peace Programs
The Middle East Peace Initiative has been promoting peace since 2003 through dialogue, people-to-people diplomacy, fact-finding trips, interfaith pilgrimages and conferences. It brings religious leaders, parliamentarians, academicians, women leaders, youth and civil society representatives together in Israel, Palestinian Territories and Jordan. Forums explore Track II approaches to the crisis in Syria.    weiter...


Informations- und Kulturabend über Eritrea
Die Föderation für Weltfrieden lud am 23. Januar 2016 gemeinsam mit der Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the UN in Vienna und UNCAV zu einem Informations- und Kulturabend über Eritrea ein.   weiter...


UPF-Nepal Chair Appointed As Peace and Reconstruction Minister of Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal - Hon. Ek. Nath Dhakal, chair of UPF-Nepal and South Asia, has been appointed as the Peace and Reconstruction Minister of Nepal, by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. After the oath ceremony Hon. Dhakal and his wife visited UPF-Nepal's Peace Embassy building, where they were greeted by members of UPF-Nepal and Ambassadors for Peace.   weiter...


Gesegnete Feiertage und ein erfolgreiches und glückliches Jahr 2016
Die Mitarbeiter der Föderation für Weltfrieden wünschen Ihnen und Ihrer Familie gesegnete Feiertage und allen Friedenstiftern viel Erfolg im Jahr 2016.    weiter...

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